Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our family vaction to Disney (Magic Kingdom) in Orlando, Florida

It all started with the idea let's go to Disney.  Then it quickly went to let's get passes, and here we are today.  We are Disney pass-holders and loving it.
The kids were super excited and so were we. Here are a few highlights from our first trip as a family to Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida.  

The trip seemed so long from the hotel which was minutes away, the birthday princess couldn't wait.  Not sure if she was prepared for the walk ahead. 

As we were approaching I took this pictures to show how their were posted signs and lights that said no stopping when arriving to the front gates.  Guess the only pictures you will get of this is from our car.

At the gates the parking guy was so nice to us.  Here parking was $14.00 and was good at all of the parks for the day.
Because of the stroller having to be folded up we took the ferry over to magic kingdom.

Here I tried to get a picture of how visitors throw money once docked on the ferry.  On our next trip, we want to be sure to bring a few coins with us. 

Since it was Zee's birthday a lady told me about the birthday buttons and once we were in the park we headed over to the gift shop and they personalized a button for her.  We were given the I am celebrating buttons.  Little man refused to be pinned instead he was happy with holding them along with his first time button.

Our first looks within the magical park.

I told them to smile, but they insisted the sun was in their eyes.

One of our favs the Dumbo circus ride.

The mad hatter's teacups, Zee's favorite because she could spin me until I was sick.

This is a picture inside It's a Small World, where there are coins thrown also along the wait lines. 

Inside a It's a Small World.

So soothing it put baby boy to sleep.

This is stroller parking.  Our stroller didn't really stand out well so next we will bring some form of attachment so it won't take us so long to find our stroller.  Like a bright colored scarf.
A high view of the family treehouse.

 Jasmin and Aladdin in their greeting spot.
The ducks that line the gardens.
Found a great spot to watch to mid-afternoon parade. 

Our trip to the Magic Kingdom was a glorious day.  Filled with fun and unexpected excitement.  Since this trip, we have been back numerous times and participated in they special events. The Star Wars had to Pop's favorite.  
A special thank you to all of the cast members who made special greetings to Zee on her birthday.
Happy Birthday Princess!  

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