Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Helmet time

Baby Boy has been extremely reckless with his crawling and falling.  SOoooooo, His grandmother and I got the bright idea too look into the baby helmet thing.  It wasn't just the stroller climbing during the day, it was when went to a padded restaurant playground and he found a way to bump his head and almost killing himself.  It was so bad I went to ask for ice and pointed out the spot to the manager where he hit his head.  
From there I went on Amazon and found this No shock baby and toddler helmet for peace of mind.

The seller is Kidskits and they were super fast on the shipping.  The material is like a hard, soft foam.  I am not sure how that can be, but it is.  It has a 3 point fastener of velcro.  Velro also under the chin for the strap.  We made it a game and he loves it.  I love it and hopes it prevents less head injuries in our baby proofed home.

I has been put to the test.  He climbed on the dinner table and got into the juice.  His shirt tells it all.

Caught on the table

Side view(of it not fitting right).  THAt might be important. :)

Disney Channel

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