Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Big Book of Circle Everything

The big book of circle everything.  The  big book with all the new toys that comes in the mail every year brings back such great memories of being a kid.  I could remember my mom handing us the book and circling everything I thought was cool.  And that was mostly every single toy.  Oh, the joy.

Now being the Mommy how did our parents do it.  My one little has done the same exact thing.  I am showing you this page because this is the only page that wasn't marked.  Baby girl felt that only these boy toys weren't girly enough for her.  
Little does she know we are going out and buy what seems to be the best circled toys on her list.  

I am really feeling the new layout in Targets holiday book.

When Santa asked her at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony "what would you like for Christmas "?  She was able to narrow it down to one thing.  Kids are so cool how do they do it.

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