Monday, December 5, 2011

And the Bands Keeps Playing My song

Winter town parade, what a great turn out.  We were a little shaky in the beginning with a few cries.  Once it begin the dancing started.  Baby boy danced with each and every band or float that had music.  There was much candy thrown out for the kids and everyone seem to been having a great time.  The kettle corn stand was setup selling to the crowd.  The clouds opened up to shine a little heat on those in the parade. 

The band is on it's way.

The turn out

Caption this photo.  Zee is looking down.  I got it right this time.  Daddy sneaks in.

The little bit of juice that cost us 3 dollars at Walgreens.
  1. A bottle of water
  2. and a hint of apple juice
  3. Sorry Dr. Oz.

Posted pretty girl

Mickey the man himself

We love us some Target.

Riding deep

They gave out ice cream coupons to all the kids.  Thanks Neighbors Ice Cream.

Marching to his own drum and box of nerds.

It's Santa again.

Daddy took home a Candy Cane souvenir. 

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