Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's the Point of the Sign

Let me set the scene-  Sissy is taking a shower and baby boy goes missing.  For a split second that's all it takes.  Mommies know.  Every Mommy knows the sign of silence or a laugh coming from a little one who is into something.  I was shocked.  

Little Mr. had pushed his stroller up to the bathroom door, climbed up toward the handle, and proceeded to try to open the door.  Dangerous, how do you react that.  He thinks its funny even at this age.  16 months.   He knew he was up to something because when I walked up he jumped.

I have a quick reminder on all doors in the house leading to water.  Do you think it is working.  

First he didn't think it through
  1. He doesn't know to turn a door knob
  2. If he happened to open the door, the stroller would be blocking it
  3. What makes him think he wouldn't get caught
  4. Nothing spells danger to him and the mission must go on
Take a peek....

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