Wednesday, November 30, 2011

B. Toys Rock- B. Woofer

While doing a little bit of window shopping to see what was out there for kiddie gifting I found a toy in Target called the B. Woofer by B. Toys.  Love it.  Love it.  It was a total love affair for baby boy when he first heard it play.  So as any parent, I handed it to him and it was over.  There was super glue fingers from there. Oh man he played the songs and strung his guitar throughout the whole store.  We knew it was going to be one of his gifts, but how were we going to get out of the store without it, to come back to purchase it.  Nope, that's not what happened, he wouldn't let it go to check out.

The cashier-
  1. Smiled
  2. Begged
  3. Promised
  4. and then said okay, that's okay
  5. He never parted from his B. Woofer
We made it home.  Yes.  The colors are so warming.  The musical notes are soothing.  I love how it plays over 20 different songs.  The howler mode just may be our favorite.  It is a must have toy for this Christmas season.  Not to mention if he stop playing for a few it would call him with a woof.  How cute.  Thank to the creators and makers.  B. toys keep up with the good work.

Found at one of our favorites, Target.
Hi Gisela.
Here is link where you can fine more.

  Early gifts are great.

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