Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Beach Adventures

Happy Labor Day 2012.
Our family enjoyed a wonderful evening at the beach.  Baby girl and Baby boy enjoyed their play time in the small tide pool, which created the right amount of water for a toddler to play in.  The weather was perfect, the tide was low, and the sun was in the right spot.  We could not have asked for a better evening on the sand.  

How to plan for the beach?
Here are a few tips when going to the beach.  I have always found helpful.

  1. Pick to right time of day for family. (consider crowds and sun position)
  2. Pack a cooler with water, snacks, and small prepared meals.
  3. Limit towels you bring.
  4. Park or setup near facilities.(for showers and potty breaks)
  5. Pack sand toys.
  6. Pack change of clothes for little ones.
  7. Bring a blanket or chairs.
  8. Ipod speaker for music.
  9. Plastic bags for wet items.
  10. Lastly sunscreen and your excited little ones.

It's always sad... when it's time to leave the beach.

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