Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hair Today, In Your Hand Tomorrow.

Well about 3 weeks ago, the end of summer, Zee asked if I could give her a hair wrap.  I said yes and here we are today. Time passed by and she wasn't ready to take it out for school. But here hair wrap had other plans.
Zee:    "Mommy you would not believe what kind of day I had today."  

Mommy:   "What kind of day did you have."

Zee:   "here"

Mommy:  "OMG, your hair wrap fell out."

Zee:  " all I did was touch it and it fell out.... and my hair is still it.  And, you wouldn't imagine I held it in my hand at school all that time."

Mommy:"why did you hold it in your hand and not put it in your bag?"

Zee:"because it fell out."


How long should a hair wrap stay in?

No longer than 3 weeks, I would say.  Or you may run the risk of losing that portion of hair.
Be careful not play, twist, and touch your hair wrap to much.  This will cause it to twist and tangle at the root.  At the root, once tangled the hair becomes fragile which leads to it breaking out at the root.  

To preserve your hair wrap:
minimize touching
pulling on your hair wrap
twisting of any kind

 Ps.  Zee is looking forward to getting another hair wrap. OMG

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