Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Gymster Bubble Rocking, With Sidekick Shadow

The Little gym time.

Zay prepares his morning before the little gym with his ole trustees binky1 and binky2. 

Then it is, shoes and socks off and time to head to the glasses door.  Just a couple bangs on it, never hurts anything.  Soon after his teacher announces "it time to go explore today."  Then watch him run. 
To the bars.
Thru the loops.
Time for a little gig.
"Wait is that another handsome guy with big hair, dancing with me"
He finds him again and dances with his shadow. 
Watch me move. 

Off the big red mat to the floor for ball time.  "Catch it Mummy."

"Look a monkey."

Bubbles in the air.
The bubble he caught there almost survived, until it was eaten. ZAY
A stamp to say farewell,  Bye bye beasties it's time to get your stamp.
"Wook, Mummy a Cat" (Zathan 2012)

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