Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to get Aqua Sand out of hair?

How to get Aqua Sand out of hair?
Playing with Aqua sand here was all fun and games until the little one to the right, took a cup and poured Aqua sand and water on his head.  What a nightmare?  The sand harden at the scalp, as it would in water.  On the package it says nothing about staying clear of hair only carpets.
Considering carpets can be much like hair, Now I could see why.
Not sure on which part of this process worked but these are steps I took to get the harden sand mixture out of his hair.
1. Frantically washed his hair about 10 times.
2. Placed conditioner on hair because the sand seemed to have made it very dry.
from this the sand turned white or clear like 
3.Rinsed and rinsed and rinsed until he couldn't take it any more.
4. Much came out just from steps 1-3
Allowed to dry and I sectioned his hair off and combed through to the roots and brushed out any remaining sand mixture.  

It you have found yourself, not being able to get Aqua sand out of hair please share your experience below to help others.
Parents you have been warned.

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