Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Juiceman Juicer Review

One of my Christmas gifts was a Juiceman juicer.  Since that wonderful day I have juiced many different drinks.  It has become a hit and apart of the new family drinks.  

I have used:
whole carrots
and pears

There are no limits when it comes to fruit and veggies to juice but 3.  Coconuts, bananas, and avacodo, because they have limit juice and will clog your juicer.

One of my favorite things is how easy it is to clean.  There are practically 3 parts to clean, and they can be cleaned by mostly rinsing off.  
 Here he is my Juiceman juicer. 
 Today I am juicing 3 small apples, 2 carrots, and some kale.
 Here is how it breaks down into 5 pieces.  you have the lid, the strainer/blades, the pulp container, juice container, and the base.
 Let the juicing begin.

 Once you are done there your pulp left.  It is easy to rinse off and you have to scrape your strainer/blades with the brush that is included. 

 I feel bad whenever I throw away the pulp.  If you know any links or a recipe for the pulp, please Iwould love to know.
 And your juice in all its glory.  A little less than a pint. 

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