Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can your baby survive without a noon day nap?

Can your baby survive without a noon day nap?

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.  For my son yesterday was the first day.  We have always wondered, since he fits naps so hard, how long would he last without one.  He woke up around 7:30 am and fell asleep on my lap sitting up last night sitting up watching tv around 8:00 pm.  This was crazy.  He was so sleeply and faught it so hard, that if he would have stopped moving for 1 minute more or less after 5:00, he would have dropped.  

His naps are important to me for his health and growth. But for Mommy too. Mostly for my blog and craft time.  What Mommy doesn't find that one thing to do when their little one naps.  Okaaay, Mommies you know what I mean.

So, today I will sit him down, meaning baby boy, and teach him the importance of a nap.  For himself and Mommy, because yesterday was hard.  
A few peeks into the world of nap time:

• Adequate sleep is important in brain development. Some research has shown that daytime napping may help move new information into a more permanent place in a child’s memory.
• Napping can affect nighttime sleep. A child who needs a nap but does not get one can become overtired and have trouble falling asleep at night.
• Studies have shown that children who nap have longer attention spans and are less fussy than those who do not nap.
• A child’s biology dictates that a nap is necessary after midday, when energy levels tend to drop. (Adults feel the same way, but sleep is not usually an option for them.)
• Sleep releases stress-fighting hormones.
• Napping can help a child catch up on sleep if their previous night’s sleep was disrupted.  

So for heaven's sake a nap is in order today right after lunch. 

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