Monday, December 19, 2011

Make Your Own Pancakes @ Sugar Mill

 This weekend we visited our local spring park in Sugar mill, we had a such great time.  Here we were able to have breakfast in a small restaurant in the park.  At the old Sugar Mill restaurant you can make your own breakfast right in front of you.  Using the griddle located right in the middle of your table.  Their all you can eat pancakes are their specialty.  Not only pancakes but also eggs,  and any add in you would like to customize your pancakes.  The bacon and sausage are the old time way, which makes you feel like a kid again.  

We were finished eating we took a walk around the park and the kiddos played on the playground.  You can also swim in the natural spring and go on 3 different natural trails.  

Our next trip will we plan on spending the whole day through.  Which will include breakfast, swimming, hiking, bar-b-q, and just enjoying the scenery.  Love this place.
Swimming dock

All you can eat pancakes

Shells we found while walking around

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