Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I hate when I breastfeed and.....

I hate when I breastfeed and....
  1. People ask me when are you going to stop.
  2. I notice that other Mothers in my area are formula feeding, and call breastfeeding to hard when they have never nursed.
  3. I think back at how I wish I would have had more information on nursing when I gave birth to my daughter.
  4. when out and others stare at you so hard that I kind of get the feeling that you want to go out to the car to nurse.
  5. find that Toys'r'us is the only store in my area that has a mommies room for breastfeeding and change.
  6. others call my breast by any other name.
  7. Find that my bra is one not.  No color or style just bland.
  8. I am asked if my little one is getting enough.
  9. I am asked if my milk is any good since baby boy isn't a round baby.
  10. I am told he has teeth.  I know right.
 If you have any that are better and leave it in the comment below, I will be sure to place it in this post.

Mommies from the blog and Facebook have added:

  1. I hate being asked if I can "do that in the restroom..." I dunno... Can you eat out back with the trash...-Lissa
2. I hate when you're told "maybe she's allergic to your milk" because she's colicky.-Lacy


  1. Hi Zharenee,
    Wanted to let you know that I changed my blog address....hope you are well!!

  2. when you are asked isn't he/or she to old to nurse!
    I'm like define to old???


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