Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Haul #1

The start of our holiday shopping granted us these bags.  This bag knocks out these 3 stores for now.  Kmart, Babies'r'us, and Target down.  Well maybe not Target.  

Isn't it great how some stores have the blackout bags, so little eyes cant see in them.  Perfect for a late night Santa sneak in when the little ones may still up.  

This year our wrapping paper will not be matching the tree.  But matching each person's style.  Not mine- disclaimer.

  • the red paper with the small penguin-  Baby boy
  • the white with Santa decorating- Baby girl
  • the black and white snowflakes-  Daddy just had to have the black paper
  • the red and white ho ho  ho paper-  Not sure how I ended up with that but I will take it and make it oh oh oh paper. Oh, I am going to get myself some gold wrapping paper.

Now how do I wrap a drum.

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