Friday, December 30, 2011

How to dye your hair with Kool-aid.

 This I know is old school, but a simple and safe way to give your hair a little tint if you have darker hair.  With lighter or bleached hair you will get the true color.

A few things you need:
  1. 2 packets of your choice kool-aid
  2. a pair of gloves
  3. 1 cup
  4. foil
  5. a timer

 Here I used the black cheery and cherry flavors combined.
 I mixed the two with a little hot water until it made a paste.  Above you can see how my hands are dyed from the mixture, so gloves are needed. :)
 Wrap the portion of hair you want dyed by wrapping it in foil.
 Set your timer for 30 minutes or longer if needed.
 Rinse your hair with water only and view your tint on your hair.  Hope you like it.  I love it and will be doing it on all of my hair for the new year.  Just love the tint it placed on darker hair. 

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