Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Co-sleeping to Sleep-eating

Remember my post on co-sleeping, Co-sleeping is Great,  well we are on a whole new level.
Baby boy and I have gone from nursing 4-5 times a night for 30 minutes to sleep-eating.  I am not even sure if this is what you call it, but this what I have named it.  

Don't get me wrong I love our new found Co-sleeping but it has come at a cost.  When baby boy wakes up to nurse, he wants to continue by sleep-eating.  After an hour I try to stop him and he freaks.   He just wants to little by little continue to nurse while he sleeps.

I would like to note that babies are super talented.  If I tried to drink in my sleep I would have choked at the simple thought.  How do they manage to do it.  

I goggled some hot topics on it and only found Mommies talking about or how it is time to wean.  I am finding myself more tired during the day, and it really beginning to wear on our sleep.  I mean mine.  Any nursing Mommies with advice I could use it. 


  1. My baby does that too, I just wake up, help him latch and then go back to sleep so we both sleep through the feeding :)
    He's stopped doing it as much now but at one point I struggled to drop off to sleep unless he was feeding! I was just so used to it haha

  2. Maybe after time I will be able sleep through his nursing. That would be awesome .


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