Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Working Mom vs. Stay at Home Mom

Let me start out by stay no offense to all working Moms.  But this for those those select who feel like stay at home Moms do nothing.  If you have a son like mine you would beg to differ.  Like Oprah said one of the hardest jobs is being a Mommy. This post is not about working, it is about the look down on stay at home Moms like everyday is a vacation. So that being said here we go.  
We can even eat with one hand.

Okay, now I am a stay at home Mommy and it kind of bugs when It is frowned on when I say
  • I am tired
  • I am busy at the time or on that day
  • I have so much to do
  • I wasn't able to answer the phone
  • Not today 
  • It seems as if I  have a full time job while at home and going out
  • I do not have a day off
  • the list goes on
Don't get me wrong I love staying at home and being Mommy to my little ones.  I just have a problem with the idea of me not doing anything all day.  Come on people we know that isn't true. Why do you think daycares charge so much.  Its because it is just not that easy. 
My typical day
  • 6:00 am - I am up with baby girl getting ready for school
  • 6:55 am - I am out the door trying to get her there on time
  • 7:25-8:00 am - Baby boy wakes up but before that blog time
  • 8:00-8:30 am- breakfast time 
  • you know what I am not going on, but you get the idea
  • there is something every moment of the day.
It doesn't stop there what about the male companions who go off to work and think you are shooting breeze while they are gone.  Problem is when they are home you make things seem so simple that they think you do nothing all day while they out.  Most SAHM have once worked and would find there unpredictable day at home can be more stressful.  Considering that you never have a moment, break or day off.  
Most SAHM :
  • cant use the bathroom by themselves without a little one there.
  • shower with the door open and or with the LO(little one)
  • take the LOs to the store to shop, which makes the trip even longer and stressful. 
  • Do you know how much SAHM open to have anything happen to them when she is are out and about buckling a LO up with there back turned.  This can be dangerous setting yourself up.  But, we do it.  
  • cook and clean holding a LO

There should be a union for stay at home Mommies and Dads because they at times do not get it either.  How many Mom can remember they days when they would go to work and still have to come home and take care of  the household.  But, Men find it a hard balance.  Not all but many.  I get that it is your day off but when is mine.  There has to be a balance.   Moms can't even you the bathroom or shower with house going into Armageddon.  

I would like to create an everyday venting and sharing place on facebook where Moms alike can care, share and bond with similar interest.  On without all of the advertisements.  Just pure fun where stay at home munnies can come to relate. 


  1. I worked two jobs and went to school with my first son and was a single mother. We had lots of special time together but now that i am a stay at home mom with two kids and a dog...i have more time to take my older son to sports. I have more time to focus on my family and school. It is more stressful for me to be a stay at home mom. I am used to adult interaction and some quiet time during the day. My five year old doesnt stop talking. I miss driving in my car alone to work everyday listening to what i want or even better listening to nothing! My son is in half day kindergarten so it really interupts the day. God has blessed us with the best baby. And he has also blessed me with the greatest man to take care of us and be a great father

    1. Family life is precious and so much fun, you never know what it is going to throw you. Mommy life is made to look easy. We SAHM are awesome.


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