Monday, November 28, 2011

4 of Favorite Diapering items of 2011

Okay yesterday I listed some of my favorite baby products, these are a few of the diapering products I used during this year with our baby boy.  My oldest was strictly a Pamper brand diaper baby and I always felt some kind of way about.  What a waste, waste of money, waste product, and weren't always best for her skin.  Since then we may have switched things up a bit. 
With having a little one now with sensitive skin and more info on how conventional diapers are harmful in many different ways, we made a switch.  A slow start but a switch never less.  We cloth and use disposable when out for extended periods.   Here is my loving review on Earth's best diapers, and wipes, Fisher Price nighttime diaper, and Cutie Potootie cloth diapers. 
 Earth's Best tendercare diapers are one of the best set of diapers for sensitive skin.  Right now little man wears a size 3, and weighs about 20 pounds.  The look is simple and sleek with the logo along the fastener.  From Babies'r us purchased for $11.99 for 35 diapers.  These diapers are great , they do have a squishy feel when wet.  No beads from the diaper breaking down are left behind.  My top pick for disposable diapers.

Fisher-Price Happy Nights diapers.  These extra protection diapers are perfect for nighttime.  Purchased from Babies'r'us for $5.99.  Sometimes they will have buy one get one half off.
Lots you for 20 nights a package per 1 diaper change.
These diapers are a very colorful light blue diaper design.  Cute.  We even use them for long trips traveling.

 Okay now with Wal-mart brand Parent's Choice diapers, this is a trail size.  These were $3.98, so I decided to try them.  There are great also.  Very colorful and absorbent.  I also like the idea of purchasing a small bag.  Sometime you want either a small package or in between sizes.  

 From my favorite cloth diapers.  Called Cutie Patooties, by the store Junkique.  These are cloth one size, All in ones, with snaps.  These were custom ordered with your choice of design. Thank you so much and I look forward to you reopening your store.  
 Earth's Best tendercare wipes are my number one selection in wipes.  They clean so well and are durable.  There are great for my little's sensitive skin. 

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