Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 of my Favorite Baby Products

Here are just a few of my favorite baby products.  My son has very sensitive skin and I have found that these products do not bother him at all.  Not to mention that I love them also.  I have many more to add but just wanted to start here.
As you can tell I have used this one a lot.  It is walmart brand Equate lavender scented baby oil.  I use this after baths right before bedtime.  It has a light scent and not so oily coverage.  I love the way it smell on baby during bedtime.
Ivory soap is just one of my favorites.  I use this with both babies and never had a problem.  It is labeled 99.44% pure.  Lightly scented and washes clean. 

Johnson's baby cologne is a product that I would use with a little boy.  It has a more male fragrance than that of a baby girl.  This bottle is empty and I am looking to find more.  My local walmart does not sale it anymore.  If you know of a website that I can find this product, or store leave it below.  One thing I like about this one is that it only takes a little bit to last all day.  OMG I can smell it now.

I also use target brand baby wash.  It seems to be very gentle but maybe not as gentle as the Ivory.  It doesn't seem to burn the eyes but makes my Son's eyes red.  I mainly use it as a shampoo.  But, I do love the scent also.  It comes close to smelling like Johnson's baby foam wash.

For shampoos I did much research.  I wanted a shampoo for babies that was gentle, more natural, and sulfate free.  This shampoo has proved all three.  It has a mild lemon scent, very thin, and does still lather.  I love this shampoo, but find it makes the hair extra dry if you use it everyday.  This is California baby shampoo and body wash.  So I would rotate it with the target brand up and up all body wash to prevent drying.                                         These are just a few of the products I use.  I will post another review on the many other products we use with baby. 

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