Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can You Guess Who Has New Glasses?

Zee has new glasses.  Thanks to the super nice folks at our local target, she was able to have her examination, pick out her favorite frames, and smile today about them.
The frames she picked out has a diamond edge made by Vogue paired with Transitional Lenses.   

What are transition lenses?
They are lenses that darken on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Once the UV is removed (for example by walking indoors), the lenses will gradually return to their clear state. These lenses may be made of glass, polycarbonate, or another plastic.

They will darken into a sunglass tint when exposed to U.V. thus removing the need to carry a separate pair of sunglasses for protection against harmful U.V. rays from the sun.  

My little big one loves them.  I was pretty iffy about them.  Now I am  so glad she has them.  
They look good on you, pretty girl.

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