Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rock the Night Away

 You never know what to expect in life but I never expected to have such a great time at our Nana's Christmas party last night.  If I were 90 years old I would want to enjoy myself as they did.  Man, the party was rocking.  Never once did I think it would have been that much fun.  Singing, dancing, food galore, and decorated so well.  We all cut a rug.  Yes...even Nana.

I find of messed up our pictures by not dressing right for the season, but who cares.  I felt kind of out of place for a while after getting there not knowing if I should sit down, go out to visit the residents, or just dance.  The music was so great I decided to dance, and we all did.  But, baby boy was on the dance floor all night.  I am only hoping that last night wasn't a look into his future. 

I want to say thank you to this wonderful facility for having such a great holiday party for the residents and families to share. 

Over here Zae

Just love the way the halls were decorated.  How clever, to use these kind of lights with hanging snowflakes.

Dance baby.

Young at heart.

Don't lose your hat.

This could be this year's Christmas card.

Little ones dancing.

The singing sensation.

Spin baby girl.

Red and black.:)

We didn't know Santa was there.

In your Sunday dress, only Zee.

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