Monday, December 12, 2011

Silver,Gold, Christmas Overload

No one does Christmas like my Mother.  These pictures are just the beginning of her celebrating by decorating the house for Christmas.  She is a true Mrs. Claus.  She can give tours during the holiday season of the house, it is just that much going on.  Everywhere you turn there is a theme setup. Silver, gold, snow-globes, candy cane tree, nativity scene, and her dining table is decorated with all the trimmings.  Baby boy was able to see it for the first time this year and was super excited. I especially love when the house is decorated, it just brings back great childhood memories of the big Christmases we would have.  It builds a joy of celebration each year looking forward to the mini things my Mother adds.  And what's funny is... She can remember where every single piece came from.  

Bad thing is, she has a long way to go.   

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