Thursday, November 17, 2011

Party Decorated for My 26 year old Male Cousin

My mother and I were commissioned to decorate my 26 year old Cousin. Who is a guy.  I never thought of how hard it would be to decorate for a guy.  How to make it not look girly.  Not to use any colors that come close a women's theme.  We went with a navy blue and a burnt orange brown colored theme. The space we decorated was empty which made it a bit more challenging.  We had about three days to collect supplies and make all of the party items as needed.  We set up and finished the room in about two hours.  The look was something simple and warm.  Here is a look.
Our platinum vase with lighted flowers. 

Navy colored sand was placed in the bottom of this dish.

Here is a picture of our few but weak balloons we purchased from Party City.  Half of them were down before we even started the party.  This is what we had to work with.  If after buying the high float to put in them they still fall flat. No they we didn't leave them in the car.  We went straight to the venture and it happened to be pretty cool out. 

Our sweet table labeled.

Purchased the paper table cloths from Party City and wish we would've.  They were horrible.  They tore if you looked at them to hard.  These should not be sold in stores, all that have been bought should get their money back.

The silver banner was made from tissue paper packs.

Our circle circular fans fan flowers we made from card stock paper.  These fans had me up all night making them.  The paper was textured which hurt my hand badly.  Would have made more but my hand wouldn't allow.  At the time I could not find how to make them online and this is how they turned out.  Tape did not hold them so i nailed them to the wall.

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