Saturday, November 26, 2011

The joys of germy Shopping.

I love Publix and this is where the Fam decided to go to purchase some of their famous fruit.  The shopping carts are so adorable, they mini race cars in my area.  So I found a shopping cart in the parking lot and hoped for the best.  I know they are full of germs and I am guilty of not cleaning them with the wipes provided by the store.  I have to give it to my Mom she does it every time.  And every time I tell her you grabbed the cart first so what is the point.  But, before we even can get the store baby boy was licking the steering on the cart.

72 % of all shopping carts are contaminated with fecal bacteria.
50% have E. coli bacteria found on them
Okay, my Mom may have been on to something.  We may not be able to kill them all but some are way better than all.  Poor baby if I would have known now this last picture would have never happened.  I will for now on carry sani-wipes in the baby bag. 

here below is a website for more information on germs and shopping carts.  

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