Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The fourth of July celebration

This July 4th celebration @ the house
  • Kingsford Matchlight charcoals- that will set your eyebrows on fire if you do not follow the directions to the letter
    • no lighter fluid needed for real it is not a joke
    • Price-wise it comes out to be the same cost as charcoals and lighter fluid 
    • Claims to light and be ready to cook on in about 10 minutes- but it came out to be more like 30 minutes
    • Does not live a lighter fluid flavor on your food. 
    • Never light under the porch or patio.  Creates large flames.
    • This product should get a 9out of 10 stars - because warnings on the blast of starting light should be stronger.

On the grill we had corn roasting, hamburger, chicken wings,hot dogs,cedar wrapper salmon, and sausages. Yum.  The the cheese being cut for the mac. 

Happy fourth of July!

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