Thursday, July 14, 2011

Casey Anthony Admirers Send Cash And Presents To Jail Following Verdict

At least 17 people have wired cash to Casey Anthony's jail commissary account since May, according to jailhouse records from the Orange County Corrections Department, ABC News reported.
Though Anthony has been receiving steady cash payments from fans for more than a year, those payouts spiked in the days after she was acquitted in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, the news agency found.
It's a good thing for Anthony, who has spent thousands of dollars at the jail commissary on items like spicy peanuts and eyeliner since she was taken into custody in July of 2008. At one point, her account was even overdrawn.
No more. As of Thursday, Anthony had $472.18 in her commissary account, owing in part to a $100 boost from a single generous stranger. That cash will walk out of the jailhouse with her when she is released on July 17.
She might not have much else. Anthony was ruled indigent by the court in March, after spending more than $250,000 on her defense, according to the CBS Crimesider blog. Whispers of a book deal, as well as rumors that Jerry Springer had offered her $1 million for an appearance have proved unrealistic or unfounded. Porn producers Vivid Entertainment even got in on the action, offering Anthony a role for at unspecified sum.
"Whether you agree with the verdict or not, Casey will want to move forward with her life and has a right to make a living," Vivid co-founder Steve Hirsch told TMZ. "It's not going to be easy for her and we believe we can help her make the transition into a new life."
Anthony's (mostly) male prison bankers seem to share Hirsch's sentiment.
"If she ever did contact me and wanted to live in the middle of nowhere I have three houses out here," Texas donor Gary Bradfield told ABC. "I'm scared for her."
Correction: Caylee Anthony's cause of death is unknown. An earlier version of this story implied that the cause of death was suffocation.
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